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Welcome to WRAP STATION.
WRAP STATION is Best Car Styling Company in San Diego.

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car wrap

Car wrapping allows you to change the exterior color of your car to the color you desire. This hot item offers a variety of materials, colors, and individuality. Also, car wrapping provides convenience, easy management, and advertisements that cannot be expressed through painting.

paint protaction film

By wrapping a thin, transparent film on the car's surface, this functional film prevents scratches which help to maintain the original condition. The highly elastic urethane material provides the ability to self-restore the scratches and provides high luminous intensity and clarity for the wrapped area. The PPF film can be partially applied to the desired areas because the attachment surface is not visible after the attachment.

windows tint

With many car tinting experiences, Wrap Station's tinting showcases the highest quality. Tinting is applied to the windshield, the front and rear of the vehicle, which protects the passenger from ultraviolet light and heat. Benefits include privacy, UV protection, room temperature control, and improved appearance.

graphic design

You can create a custom design and commercial advertising effect for your car or Wrap Station can always suggest a new and creative design for your vehicle.

Auto detailing

Detailing is not simply restricted to a car wash. Detailing is a series of operations that begins with a car wash and finalizes with restoring the vehicle’s condition to a new vehicle condition without replacing parts of the vehicle.


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Daniel Park
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best car styling

Wrap station

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best car styling

Wrap station

8360 Clairmont Mesa Blvd. #106 San Diego CA 92111 Tech : 619-876-0220 Marketing : 619.495.8920